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Aliff Aziz: ‘Saya harap saya berjaya membanggakan S’pura dengan kemenangan saya’ – coverage by BERITA Mediacorp

Jamiyah Singapore extends our heartiest congratulations to Mr Aliff Aziz for winning the Gegar Vaganza Season 8 competition on Sunday (23 January 2022) night. Gegar Vaganza is a Malaysian reality singing television show that features contestants who are seasoned performers in the Malay entertainment scene.

Apart from thanking the Almighty, his family and the judges for his win, in a coverage by BERITAMediacorp, Mr Aliff also expressed his gratitude to the management and staff of Jamiyah Singapore. Being a supporter and participant of Jamiyah’s past events, Mr Aliff was invited to work with the organisation at the time when he was experiencing personal challenges in his life. He acknowledged that the fulfilling experience contributed to helping him to become a better individual.

Jamiyah Singapore wishes Mr Aliff Aziz and his family continued success in his career and life ambitions.

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