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Muslim Missionary Society Singapore

Jamiyah Singapore, also known as Muslim Missionary Society Singapore, was founded in 1932 by the Roving Ambassador of Peace from Meerut (India), Moulana Abdul Aleem Siddique. Continuing Moulana’s legacy, our mission is to serve and provide welfare services to the less privileged and disadvantaged, regardless of their race or faith.

Over the decades, Jamiyah has expanded with several enhanced programmes and services to address the ever-changing needs of the community.

Helping Our Society

We work very closely with many organisations and the various Ministries through various projects such as welfare Homes for underprivileged children; destitute elderly; those needing long-term healthcare; and also for rehabilitating drug offenders.


Welfare Homes

With the support of the community, we also provide basic needs such as food ration distributions through our FoodBank programme and Free Medical, Legal and Counselling services for those in need.  We also have iCounsel – a virtual platform for the community seeking free legal advice. There are several volunteer lawyers serving the free legal clinic on a pro bono basis.

Jamiyah Nursing Home (Darul Syifaa) provides a wide variety of services including Day Care, Dementia Care and Integrated Home Care for the elderly.


Education Centres

Jamiyah also provides educational services to the society through our Early Childhood Education Centres, Student Care Centres and moral education classes held at various education centres. Jamiyah’s pool of qualified and dedicated educators provide quality and affordable education to all children under their care. All our Early Childhood Educational centres have attained the SPARK Certification. The certification recognises centres with strong teaching and learning practices which include a well-designed and integrated curriculum and strong pedagogies to support children’s holistic development.


Founding Years
1990s - 2000s
Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddique founded the All Malaya Muslim Missionary Society (Jamiyah Singapore). Catered to the humanitarian and we are needs of society. Advocated inter-religious harmony and da’wah or Islam
Syed Ibrahim Omar Alsagoff became Jamiyah's second President until 1967
Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddique played a key role in the formation of Inter-Religious Organisation of Singapore & Johor Baru (IRO)
Transformation of Jamiyah's services and programmes began with the 'Darah Muda' or Young Blood team headed by Tuan Haji Abu Bakar Maidin
Developed and introduced structured Islamic religious curriculum for the weekend religious classes for children teenagers and adults
Started the Welfare Department which supported 300 families in need with monthly food rations
Established Free Medical and Legal Clinics
Organized the largest Maulid (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW) Celebrations at the National Stadium where more than 45,000 people attended
Organized 'Dakwah Serantau (Regional Missionary) where a group of Islamic Speakers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, delivered lectures in these 4 countries
Opening of Jamiyah Islamic Centre, a 4-storey building at its current location
Set up Jamiyah’s first Early Childhood Education Centre and Jamiyah Kindergarten
Set up Jamiyah Childcare Centre
Jamiyah Children's Home (Darul Ma'wa) officially opened. Provides a safe and nurturing environment for children from disadvantaged families.

Exemplary Mother Award established. Commemorates the outstanding contributions and sacrifices of mothers
Jamiyah Halfway House (Darul Islah) officially opened. Serves as a rehabilitation centre for substance abuse offenders and prepares them for the reintegration back to society.

Jamiyah Home for the Aged (Darul Takrim) officially opened. Provides care and shelter for the aged and destitute persons.
Set up Rivervale Student Care Centre, Clementi Student Care Centre, West Coast Student Service Centre, Global Child Development Centre (Woodlands), Global Child DevelopmentCentre (Tampines).
Jamiyah Nursing Home (Darul Syifaa) officially opened.
Administers healthcare for patients requiring long-term medical attention.
Collaboration with the Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO). Organises a series of seminars regionally.
Set up Jamiyah Counselling Centre
Launch of Jamiyah Education Centre's (JEC) Diploma programme with Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka (KUIM).
Launch of JEC's Diploma programme with Iinternational Islam College (IIC) and Degree programme with Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatra Utara (UINSU).
Jamiyah Welfare Services and Jamiyah Counselling Centre merged to form Community Outreach & Development Department to focus on servicing the less privileged
Official launch of Jamiyah Foodbank with the objective to coordinate and deliver a food. support programme that meets the needs of our beneficiaries and supports their journey to self-reliance. Opening of the Dementia Ward at Darul Syifaa.
All four Jamiyah Early Childhood Education Centres are SPARK (Singapore Preschool Accreditation Framework) certified.

Launch of the inaugural Singapore Muslim Festival.

Launch of Jamiyah Eldercare Academy at Darul Syifaa.

Jamiyah Counselling Centre (JCC) became the first agency to be appointed by the Syariah Court to conduct the mandatory Marriage Counselling Programme for Muslim inmates.

Launch of Darul Islah's Project Happiness to spread joy during the festive seasons
Launch of Jampacked@Bukit Batok, a joint community project with Bukit Batok Grassroots Organisations.