Jamiyah Halfway House (Darul Islah)

Jamiyah Halfway House (Darul Islah)
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The number of meals required for residents of Jamiyah Halfway House is 70 sets.

Iftar Menu:

Max 70

  1. Mesclun salad & smoked chicken with thousand islands x
  2. Satay ayam with condiments (5 pcs) x
  3. Gado ‐ gado salad x

Max 70

  1. Trio mushroom soup with cheese croutons x
  2. Seafood chowder with cheese toast x
  3. Cream of chicken with cheese toast x

Max 70

  1. Nasi Ambeng Set x
    White Rice, Ayam Lemak Padi, Paru Goreng, Telor Sambal, Terung Belado, Bergedel, Serunding
  2. Nasi Kuning Helba Set x
    N Asi Kuning, Ayam Bakar Rendang, Telor Sambal, Acar Timun, Tahu Kuah Kacang
  3. Indonesia Ayam Penyet x
    Chicken Rice, Ayam Penyet, Sambal Penyet, Cherry Timun, Tahu, Tempeh, Calamansi, Kerepok
  4. Nasi Kampung Set x
    Nasi Putih, Ayam Goreng Serai, Udang Lemak Nenas, Telor Asin, Ulam Ulam Kampong, Sambal Belacan
  5. Nasi Arab Set (chicken Or Mutton) x
    Mandi Rice, Chicken Mandi, Cucumber Yogurt, Arabic Chilli, Special Curry Gravy
  6. Mutton Dhum Briyani Saffron x
    Mutton Briyani Saffron, Ayam Merah, Dhalca, Papadum
  7. Chicken Chop x
    With Potato Wedges And Coleslaw
  8. Oven Baked Honey Mustard Quarter Spring Chicken x
    With Potato Wedges With Bbq Sauce
  9. 3 Pcs Original Flavoured Fried Chicken Wings x
    with Buttered Rice
  10. Battered Fish Fillet x
    Potato Wedges With Tar Tar Sauce

Max 70

  1. Assorted Malay Kuihs x
    3 types of traditional talam kuih
  2. Assorted French pastries x
    Mix fruit tart, Eclair, Swiss roll
  3. Assorted slice cakes x
    Cookies & cream cheese cake, chocolate pound cake, pandan pound cake, marble cheese cake
  4. Assorted Danish pastries x
    Pain Au chocolate, raisins, mini croissant

Sahur Menu:

Sahur ‐ $9.90

Max 70

  1. White Rice x
  2. Ayam Goreng Serai Thai x
  3. Soup Dhall Tahu Kering x
  4. Telur Dadar x

Max 70

  1. White Rice x
  2. Sardine Sambal Tomato x
  3. Soup Telur Kentang x
  4. Ikan Bilis Bawang Goreng Kicap x

Max 70

  1. White Rice x
  2. Ayam Tumis Halia x
  3. Kentang Telur Goreng x
  4. Ikan Masin/ Sambal Belacan x

Max 70

  1. White Rice x
  2. Sotong Goreng Kunyit x
  3. Soup Sayur Campur x
  4. Hotdog Masam Manis x

Max 70

  1. White Rice x
  2. Ikan Goreng Sambal Kicap x
  3. Soup Sayur Cendawan x
  4. Telur Dadar x

Max 70

  1. White Rice x
  2. Daging Kentang Kicap x
  3. Hati Ayam, Kacang Buntis x
  4. Telur Masam Manis x

Max 70

  1. White Rice x
  2. Udang Berempah x
  3. Kacang Panjang Chilli x
  4. Telur Goreng Kicap x

Max 70

  1. White Rice x
  2. Soup Daging Kentang x
  3. Sayur Goreng Jawa x
  4. Ikan Masin/ Sambal Belacan x


Terms & Conditions

  1. All order will be processed within 2 working Days.
  2. Our sales representatives will contact you and a written confirmation will send to your email for confirmation.
  3. Upon ordering, kindly furnish with (1) Full name (2) contact number (3) Email address.
  4. For urgent orders of less than 3 working days, kindly contact our sales representatives Ms.Vem 83230681 or Farhan 80222019 or email at events@jeewa.sg cc to accounts2@jeewa.sg for assistance.
  5. Upon confirmation, strictly no decrease in the number of pax.
  6. Any increment of pax has to be made at least 2 working days in advance and is subject to our availability of the ingredients.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 50% of invoice amount will be charged for cancellation made after confirmation
  • The management reserves the right to replace the menu items should it be unavailable at the time. We will inform you should this happen.

Covid‐19 Clause

  • Donations will proceed without the physical presence of Donors.

Meal’s Order

By informing us earlier, it allows us to plan our preparation time

  • Kindly inform our sales representatives:
  • Type of menu
  • Numbers of donations/ amount

Based on NEA guidelines, for caterings with warmers, food best served within 4 hours upon arrival.
For catering without warmers, food best served within 1 hour upon arrival.


  • Upon confirmation, Full payment via credit card, bank transfer, and Pay now/Paylah (UEN‐199404504Z must be made 2 days after confirmation of event to Jeewa Ltd, UOB current account: 106‐307‐370‐4. Otherwise the slot will be released.
  • Please email the confirmation payment via bank transfer or CDM receipt to events@jeewa.sg & accounts2@jeewa.sg