Vision / Mission / Aims

Vision / Mission / Aims



Serving the Community, Caring for All.


The Mission of Jamiyah is to work and contribute towards the welfare and overall development of the Muslim community and mankind.


Jamiyah as a centre for the promotion of missionary, education, knowledge & welfare.


“Innamal Mukminina Ikhwatun”


The objectives of the society shall be:
(a) to propagate the teachings of Islam
(b) to defend Islam and Muslims from all attacks by peaceful and constitutional means
(c) to promote the spiritual, social and economic well-being of Muslims
(d) to promote education, Islamic or otherwise
(e) to co-operate or affiliate with internal organizations in matters of common interest in the spirit of Islam
(f) to have friendly contacts with external organizations in matters of common interest in the spirit of Islam
(g) to promote inter-faith and multi racial harmony
(h) to co-operate with local, regional and international organizations in matters of common interest for the community, the nation and mankind
(i) to provide welfare services for the benefit of the community regardless of race or religion
(j) to set up early childhood and student education centres
(k) to provide residential care for juvenile deliquents, orphans, the destitute aged and children and youths at risk
(l) to run hospitals and healthcare services
(m) to set up halfway houses for recovering addicts and other offenders

Significance of Jamiyah’s logo

Vision / Mission / Aims
Green is the color of Nature and this symbolises the Deen al Fitrah, the Religion of Nature which is Islam. It also underlines the fact that we have to play our role as the Khalifah fil Ard or Vicegerent on Earth.

The outer circle is the Circle of the Universe and the Family of Creatures of which we are part.The inner circle is the Circle of the Ummat Muhammad, the Middle and Moderating community of believers striving to actualise its role amidst contemporary realities.The Crescent and Star symbolise the holistic universe of Islam with its history, its civilizations, its vision while the Minaret stands for the continuing Mission for humanity and God.