The Multiple Facets of Women

Dr Laura Zahra McDonald and Mdm Humera Khan were the invited speakers who spoke at the Roundtable Discussion Session, Multiple Facets of the Muslim Women: Traditional vs Modern, held on 10th January 2013 at Jamiyah Education Centre, MDIS Building, along 190 Changi Road.

Dr Laura Zahra McDonald lectures internationally on a variety of contemporary issues such as gender and justice and other issues pertaining to young Muslims. A co-founder of ConnectJustice, Dr McDonald is also a researcher who has contributed a body of research to the University of Birmingham.

Mdm Humera Khan on the other hand is the co-founder of An-Nisa Society, an organisation working for the welfare of the Muslim Women Society in Britain. She works closely with families, providing support and counselling on a broad range of issues.

Moderated by Dr Md Nawab Md Osman, Assistant Professor at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, the discussion brought forth concerns and ideas of women from all walks of life, and the opinions and suggestions from the speakers.