The Beginning of a New Journey: Project Lend-a-Hand Completion Ceremony

Days and months spent burning the midnight oil, sitting through endless tests and completing homework, finally paid off for 45 students that participated in Jamiyah Singapore’s community programme – Project Lend-a-Hand.

Already in its fifth year, Project Lend-a-Hand has constantly been providing guidance and support for students with families facing financial difficulties, regardless of race or faith, to achieve better results in their PSLE examinations. To commemorate the significant academic improvements achieved by students in 2013’s programme, a Completion Ceremony was held at Jamiyah Education Centre Auditorium on Saturday, 8th Feb 2014.

More than 80 parents, teachers, staffs and students flooded the hallway, while anticipating the arrival of Guest-of-Honour Ms Ellen Lee, Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC. In her speech, Ms Ellen Lee commended the dedicated tutors and teachers for making the project a success. “In line with Singapore’s emphasis on the importance of education, Jamiyah strongly advocates lifelong education and believe that education plays a critical role in developing the future society. Project Lend-a-Hand provides the opportunity for students to harness their true potential in learning with proper guidance and teaching,” she added.

Last year, the programme saw the highest percentage of Express and Normal Academic admission since its inception in 2009. For instance, Farhaana Fatima Md Sheriff of Clementi Primary School has performed exceptionally well for her PSLE, scoring 2 A’s and 1 B. As a result, she attained an aggregate of 233, making her Top Student Scorer in the history of Project Lend-a-Hand.

Initially, Farhaana was struggling in her studies and barely passed any subjects. Her family was facing financial difficulties, thus was not able to afford private tuition for her. However, ever since Farhaana was introduced to Project Lend-a-Hand, she excelled in her studies and her scores improved tremendously. The exceptional support and guidance she received from the tutors, has ultimately allowed her to reap maximum benefits from the program. Farhaana is now admitted to the Express Stream at Clementi Town Secondary School. This project has allowed her to receive academic support and in return, excel in her studies despite the strains of financial difficulties strains that her family faces.

Jamiyah Singapore is proud of Farhaana and the achievements made by 44 other students. While it is not the end of hardships in a student’s life, it is in fact, a new beginning to a journey of paths filled with even more challenges and obstacles. As Project Lend-a-Hand’s Completion Ceremony came to an end, it serves as a reminder to not just triumph over difficulties. However, it creates a new sense of awareness for even greater responsibilities that awaits them in the real world.

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