Project Lend-A-Hand 2016 Completion Ceremony

11th February 2017 saw the completion ceremony for Project Lend-a-Hand 2016 at Jamiyah Singapore’s Al-Malik Faisal Hall. Some 50 students were present to receive their certificate of participation for completing the intensive 3-months tuition programme that prepared them for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) last year.

“The Project Lend-a-Hand programme really helped me a lot because the teachers there were really supportive.” commented 16-year-old Ika Syahidah who managed to enter the ‘Express’ stream for her Secondary education despite achieving Es and Ds for her prelims.

Ika was sent to study in Malaysia when she was 9, and came back to Singapore to continue her education when she was 13. Due to the difference in syllabus, Ika had difficulties grasping what was taught at school even though she had to join a class 3 years her junior.

Launched in 2009, Project Lend-a-Hand not only provides guidance for students, it is also specially catered to students from less privileged families. Muhammad Taufiqullah who is single-handedly raised by his grandmother is another student who benefitted from the programme.

“Subjects like mathematics were harder to understand and whenever I asked my friends for help, they too have difficulties. At that time, I was afraid to consult my teachers, so I always end up failing the subject. The teachers at my (Project Lend-a-Hand) centre made class a fun learning environment, and I was able to learn and improve my grades.” shared Taufiq who achieved at least a one grade jump in his subjects.

Guest-of-Honour, Assoc. Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Social and Family Development who graced the event praised the commendable efforts by Jamiyah Singapore and JBS International College for initiating and running the programme, and to participating organisations including supporters, Linklaters Singapore and Yayasan Mendaki for making it possible.