‘Paradise At Home’ With Dato Ustaz Kazim Elias

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Malaysian religious speaker, Dato Ustaz Kazim Elias, is a prominent figure in Da’wa across Southeast Asia, widely known for his humour; thus it was to no surprise to see a full house at his recent talk held at Jamiyah Children’s Home last Saturday, 26th November 2016.

Some 1000 guests attended the talk entitled, ‘Ada Syurga Di Rumahku’ or Paradise at My Home, organised by Jamiyah Singapore. Ustaz Kazim spoke of the importance of family and love, highlighting the roles of a husband and wife.

“Husbands, please be reminded, that just because we are the head of the family, it does not mean we have the power. In a relationship, it’s not about who has more power, it’s about who is doing the right thing that aligns to the religion’s teachings.” shared Ustaz Kazim.

He also shared with the audience to always be accepting of advises from our other half.

“We are always looking in the mirror, and we can only make right to what we see through the mirror, but we can’t see what’s behind. The one who is able to see is our other half. So when they advise on something that we could not see, accept it with an open heart.”

Ustaz Kazim ended the session with a reminder to always refer to the teachings of Allah SWT and Prophets, and InshaAllah the ‘Home’ will be a ‘Paradise’.