Program baru dilancarkan bentuk perwatakan positif dalam kalangan bekas pesalah dadah – coverage by BERITA Mediacorp

Jamiyah Halfway House (Darul Islah) launched a new character development programme at the welfare home on Saturday, 13 March 2021. The programme, called Mentari, will be the first character and moral development programme offered at the home.

Mentari translated from the Malay language, means The Sun. The Mentari programme symbolises a new beginning for the residents, just like how a new sunrise brings with it new opportunities.

In this programme, residents are encouraged to look ahead, instead of turning back to their past. It is hoped that the programme will instill in the residents the confidence to write their own futures, transiting out of Darul Islah as a new individual.

Jamiyah is grateful to BERITA Mediacorp for covering the launch. Read the full article here.