Comedy-Missionary Play As First Theatre Production Of Jamiyah Singapore

Kallang Theatre was filled with roars of laughter from the audience at Jamiyah Singapore’s theatre comedy on Saturday evening, 14th May 2016. Entitled, ‘Keramat Bernisan Tiga Suku’, the play is a sequel to the 2005 ‘Keramat Bernisan Tiga’ that also starred local veteran comedian, Mr Hussain Saaban.

‘Keramat Bernisan Tiga’ received a good response from the audience and they have been asking for its sequel. We hope that this would be a refreshing experience for newcomers who have never watched a comedy-missionary theatre production,” shared Mr Hussain, who is also the producer and writer behind the theatre production.

The play sees the many weird reasons people visit the cemetery for, such as it being a location for a date, for filming purposes, and even merely for the sake of scaring one self. It then shifted its focus to a group of filmmakers whose mission was to have an encounter with spirits.

The star-studded theatre comedy also included other local comedians such as Khairudin Samsudin, Bora, and Haryani Othman. Not only did it assure a good time, it was also an informative performance with its missionary influence that featured prominent local religious figures, Ustaz Ahmad Dahri and Ustaz Haron Akhtar.

This is the first time Jamiyah Singapore presented a theatre production to our Singapore audience