Chingay Parade 2014

Residents of Jamiyah Welfare Homes and Staff of Jamiyah Singapore attended the colourful Chingay Parade on 8th February 2014.

For many amongst them, it was their first time attending the annual parade. The residents from Jamiyah Children’s Home (Darul Ma’wa) enthusiastically participated in the cheer along with the motivators. Not to be left out, residents of Jamiyah Halfway House (Darul Islah) also waved their bright gold pom-poms as the parade marched past the F1 Pit Building.

Themed ‘Colours of Fabric, One People’, spectators were treated to a visual array of colourful floats by local and international performers.

Everyone was in awe by the spectacular firework display that lit the night sky as the Parade drew to a close.