Our History

Our History

Jamiyah Singapore, also known as Muslim Missionary Society Singapore, was founded in 1932 by the Roving Ambassador of Peace from Meerut (India), Moulana Abdul Aleem Siddique. Continuing Moulana’s legacy, our mission is to serve and provide welfare services to the less privileged and disadvantaged, regardless of their race or faith.

Over the decades, Jamiyah has expanded with several enhanced programmes and services to address the ever-changing needs of the community.

Jamiyah currently manages 4 Welfare Homes and 8 Education Centres island wide and engages in several community service related projects and programmes.

We work very closely with many organisations and the various Ministries through various projects such as welfare Homes for underprivileged children; destitute elderly; those needing long-term healthcare; and also for rehabilitating drug offenders.

With the support of the community, we also provide basic needs such as food ration distributions through our FoodBank programme and Free Medical, Legal and Counselling services for those in need.  We also have iCounsel – a virtual platform for the community seeking free legal advice. There are several volunteer lawyers serving the free legal clinic on a pro bono basis.

Jamiyah Nursing Home (Darul Syifaa) provides a wide variety of services including Day Care, Dementia Care and Integrated Home Care for the elderly.

Jamiyah also provides educational services to the society through our Early Childhood Education Centres, Student Care Centres and moral education classes held at various education centres. Jamiyah’s pool of qualified and dedicated educators provide quality and affordable education to all children under their care. All our Early Childhood Educational centres have attained the SPARK Certification. The certification recognises centres with strong teaching and learning practices which include a well-designed and integrated curriculum and strong pedagogies to support children’s holistic development.

We are thankful for our supporters that include various ministries, volunteers, members of the public, community and faith leaders and self-help organisations for their continuous help and support, Jamiyah hopes to grow further in serving the needs of our community.