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Erudite scholar Shaykh Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar at Jamiyah Singapore


As 2011 draws to a close, staff of Jamiyah Singapore were given the opportunity to reflect and refresh our thoughts as we listened and participated in an excellent motivational lecture on 28th December 2011 by Shaykh Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar, on the topic of ‘Communication and Motivation for People working in Missionary Organization’.

Shaykh Ahmed Tijani, the Ghana (Western Africa)  born Islamic scholar settled in Chicago,USA is well known in the Islamic da'wa circles all over the world. Scholar of Islamic law and Jurisprudence, including Comparative Religion he is exposed to Astronomy, Spiritual Science and Healing, Divine Poetry and Chanting, Singing, Fine Arts and Culture. He is currently  National Advisor International Association of Sufism USA;  Advisor Islamic Studies and Research Association ISSRA USA;  President and Imam Universal Islamic Center USA;  Member of the World Council of Religious Leader under the auspices of The United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit and hold many more such positions .

The event proper began at around 5.00 pm and Shaykh Ahmed Tijani shared his thoughts on interfaith relations to a crowd of about 80 Jamiyah staff, on the challenges of da’wa and how Muslims should live in harmony with believers of other religions as they are our “brothers and sisters”.

It was certainly an inspiring lecture and the session can be summed up in Shaykh Ahmed Tijani’s “If we cannot represent the word of Prophet Muhammad SAW, we have yet to attain success”.



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