Iftar with Families with Mr Amrin Amin

Jamiyah Singapore held an Iftar with Families with the Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health, Mr Amrin Amin as the Guest of Honour at Jamiyah Halfway House on 3rd June 2018.
Together with Mr Amrin Amin, Mr Faizal Abbas (Assistant Superintendent), Mr Shariff Yatim (Superintendent) and Mr Suhardi Tejan (Senior Case Worker) launched the Jamiyah’s Youth Preventive Education Outreach Programme. This is a collaboration with Central Narcotic Bureau (CNB) in helping youths at risk.
Also present at the occasion was Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar (President of Jamiyah Singapore) and Dr Isa Hassan (Vice President III and Chairman of Jamiyah Halfway House).